Sealing rubber ring is developed for plastic pipes and fittings PP and PVC in accordance with EN 1451-1 I EN 1401-1 and meets the requirements of EN 681-1 WC. It is used for pipes of plumbing system, but it is also suitable for use in building systems.

Material: EPDM rubber(Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) is the ideal material for seals which are required to be resistant to UV light, aging, weather change, oxidation and ozone, and to a large number of acids and alcohol groups.  This material, having such excellent characteristics, provides a perfect durability of rubbers in a 100-year period.

Note: Special measures, for non-standard applications, are also available at the request of clients.

  • Easy installment
  • Long-term  elasticity of rubber gasket  ensures  reliable sealing effect
  • Use of the newest technologies guarantees optimal ratio of cost and cost effectiveness
  • Rubber seal can be installed manually or automatically
  • Years of experience in monitoring quality systems guarantee the highest possible safety and reliability
  • Well connecting joints
  • External monitoring of MPA-NRW

    Available standard dimensions ø63-ø630