Corrugated pipes

Seals for corrugated pipes are developed and produced in accordance with special specifications of buyers. Geometry of lip-seal-ring is designed for corrugated structure of pipes.

Rubbers for corrugated pipes meet the requirements of EN 681-1WC

Material: EPDM rubber(Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) is the ideal material for seals which are required to be resistant to UV light, aging, weather change, oxidation and ozone, and to a large number of acids and alcohol groups.  This material, having such excellent characteristics, provides a perfect durability of rubbers in a 100-year period.

Note: Special measures, for non-standard applications, are also available at the request of clients.

  • Lip-seal-ring instead of simple compression rubber
  • The best sealing characteristics achieved by ring like disc design
  • Symmetrical rubber shape prevents installation mistakes
  • Improved grasp in case of a deformed pipe
  • Lip wipers  prevent  dirt in the seal area
  • Modern, innovative and cost efficient

Available standard dimensions ø75-ø800